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Thank You!

Hope Streams Academy is mainly financed through donations. We know there are many people and organizations who need help, so we are extremely grateful that you have chosen to help us.

$5, $10, or $20 will go a long way toward helping the school. Your donation will be personally thanked and acknowledged by a return email.

Please check back with us often to see the results of your donations. You will see our school and our curriculum grow because of you.


How To Donate

Our administrative staff is all-volunteer and we raise all the funds for our operations ourselves. Donations can be made through the organization listed below. Kids for Tomorrow is based in the U.S. and offers U.S. donors tax-deductible status.

You can also send a check or money order directly to us at:

Hope Streams Academy
Attn: Patrick Madunda
P.O. Box 1773- 00502 Karen
Nairobi, Kenya

We thank you and send you our most heartfelt appreciation!

Wiring Instructions

You can wire funds directly to Hope Streams Academy:

The New York Correspondent bank is
Citibank N.A. New York
Swift Code: CITIUS33
Fed-wire No.: 021000089
Beneficiary bank: Equity Bank Ltd
Swift code: EQBLKENA

Further credit to:
Acct. No.: 0350 190446352
Acct. Name: Hope Streams Youth Centre
Branch: Knut House, Nairobi

Donate through Kids for Tomorrow

Kids for Tomorrow is a major donor to our school, helping us with administration costs and finding sponsors for our children. They currently sponsor 14 children. Kids for Tomorrow is a U.S. 501(c)3 charitable organization. All funds donated through Kids for Tomorrow are tax deductible in the U.S.

tuition and lunch. For $150 per child you can sponsor one student for school tuition and a daily lunch for the entire year.

Hope Streams students enjoy lunch

Hope Streams students receive a healthy lunch

Uniforms are an important part of school.  They identify the children as students of Hope Streams Academy.  Not all of the children in the area get to attend school.  A school uniform gives the children a sense of pride and shows others that they are striving for an education.  Our school was formed to provide an education to the very poor and to orphans.  Many of the parents cannot afford to buy uniforms.  Members of the community have contributed to obtain uniforms for the children whose parents or guardians could not.  We need uniforms for the new students and for those who have out-grown or out-worn theirs. The following is the uniform breakdown per student:

School uniform2 sets of uniforms - $20.00
2 sweaters - $20.00
School shoes - $20.00
School bag - $9.00
PE Kit - $10.00
Stationery - $10.00
6 Text books - $26.00


Hope Streams Academy student Hope Streams Academy student

Sponsor a Student A full sponsorship of $300 a year covers all the student's needs. It covers all of the above - tuition, daily breakfast and lunch, uniforms, sweaters, shoes, school bag, PE kit, stationery, text books - plus new clothes at Christmas and other needs each child in particular may require during the year.

When you choose a full sponsorship, you become the adoptive parent of the student. We will send you pictures of your student and a thank you letter. Then at the end of every term, you will also receive a progress report, current photo and a letter from the family or caretaker of your student.

Our goal is to eventually have full sponsorships for all children whose families do not have the funds for school fees, meals, uniforms and supplies. Our current goal is to find sponsorships for 40 of our neediest students.

= Sponsored Child = Non-Sponsored Child

We reached our goal!THANK YOU SO MUCH to our wonderful donors who made this goal possible! The Class 5 students and teacher have a dry, clean slab floor.

New Class 5 floor

Class 5 door AND a new door!


Teaching Materials for one year:
   Class 5 - $86
   Class 4 - $80
   Class 3 - $80
   Class 2 - $53
   Class 1 - $53
   Pre-School - $46

Children learn and study

Water tank from rain catching system

Thanks to the incredible support of the Boulder City, Nevada, USA, Sunrise Rotary Club we have met our goal, and the rain-catching system is complete. The Sunrise Rotary funded the entire project bringing clean, safe drinking water to our students, teachers, and staff. We cannot thank them enough!

A rain catcher system is a simple system designed to collect and store rainwater.  It consists of a series of rain gutters that direct the rainfall that hits the roof to a storage tank.  Nairobi receives about three feet of rain per year.  That produces 2,244 gallons for every 100 square feet of roof.  Hope Streams Academy has no running water.  In the past all our water was purchased and hauled to the school.  The rain catcher system was built with local volunteer labor and provides a majority of the school’s water needs.  A simple filtration system in each classroom ensures the children receive clean, safe, drinking water.

One of the ways we are raising funds is by making jewelry. In November 2009, a donor in Boulder City, Nevada set up a donation table outside his credit union. For a donation to the school, donors received a bracelet or a necklace.

Hope Streams Academy donors

The generous members and employees of the credit union donated $300.

Hope Streams Academy Class 5 students thank Boulder City





Also in 2009, a donor in Texas started a "spare change" campaign. For two months children brought in spare change from home that was collected and given to four needy organizations in Kenya. Our school was the lucky recipient of $45.

The money raised from these two projects was enough for us to build our temporary Class 5 room.

To the left are the students of the new Class 5 showing their appreciation.